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Effective negotiation can be the critical factor in ensuring you attain your goals – both in business and beyond. Red Sheet’s collection of tools, techniques and training can hold the key to creating outstanding negotiators and realizing successful outcomes.

Our proven approach will benefit anyone involved in negotiation – from individuals to corporate-level organizations. Red Sheet provides the confidence, practical methodology and an unrivalled system of resources needed to create winning negotiators.

The result is better planning for negotiations, a greater understanding of staying in control of the process – and ultimately, a better deal or a more desirable outcome.

There are a wealth of ways to benefit from Red Sheet’s world-class resources. But the ideal entry point for most individuals and organizations is to connect to Red Sheet through our packages. These are carefully assembled blends of training and tools, tailored to different organization sizes and negotiation types.


A Red Sheet for everyone

We’ve built a range of Red Sheet packages around the needs of different user levels. This enables you to select a mix of Red Sheet resources that provides the best fit for your scenario. Whether you run a small- or medium-sized business or an international corporation, there’s a version of Red Sheet that’s tailored to the demands you face.

You can access the complementary components of Red Sheet in a variety of ways. You may book an individual training course, purchase Red Sheet planning tools, sign up for our micro digital learning modules or buy the Red Sheet companion book.

Additionally, our subscription-based Red Sheet Online platform enables you to utilize our extensive set of digital learning and negotiation planning resources whenever you want. If you are a purchasing professional, you might prefer to access Red Sheet as a module in Procleus®, our Strategic Procurement Academy and Toolkit.

If you need something even more flexible, our tailor-made digital learning and managed training packages can provide a precise fit for your organization – with a licensing arrangement to suit. We can also provide a truly bespoke negotiation package with training programs built around your specific requirements including unique negotiation practical learning exercises based on your own business. We also offer unique licensing arrangements to have access to Red Sheet materials on your own company platforms.

For most users, however, our packages represent an excellent and cost-effective way to gain the full advantage from the diversity and depth of Red Sheet’s features. The following guide indicates the packages best suited to differing negotiation requirements.

Reasons to use Red Sheet

  • See immediate and ongoing improvements in your negotiation outcomes, whether that’s greater business value or securing the best terms in any deal.
  • Benefit from a consistent methodology and a common way or working across your team or organization.
  • Create a common language that enables your team to collaborate and plan negotiations more effectively and enables a meaningful review and check of negotiation preparedness.
  • Boost your negotiation expertise, skill set and repertoire of tactics to understand your opponent’s motivations and harness your bargaining power to maximum effect.
  • Learn to plan and execute any negotiation with a detailed and methodical approach that’s proven to work.
  • Gain greater confidence and take control of the negotiation process.
  • Draw on the expertise of specialists with a track record of building negotiation excellence for organizations at all levels around the world.
  • Access a rich and versatile resource base to enhance capability and plan any kind of negotiation, and for any scale or type of organization.

Corporate Solutions

Red Sheet offers a powerful approach for larger businesses and organizations to optimize the outcome of any negotiation. Individuals are able to develop their skills while the entire organization, whether co-located centrally or dispersed across multiple territories, can collaborate and stay aligned to the same strategy and methodology.

Our corporate packages include a subscription to Red Sheet Online for all users – granting complete and ongoing access to our powerful suite of online resources. Plus, you’ll receive our physical Red Sheet tools, a focal point for applying what you learn in your negotiation planning.

A variety of classroom and digital training and coaching options are available to embed the Red Sheet process across your organization.

For over a decade, Red Sheet has proven its value in organizations – private and public – of varying sizes, across numerous industry sectors, all around the world. Your corporate organization could be the next to achieve negotiation excellence through this cutting-edge approach.

Team Solutions

Where groups of professionals collaborate in negotiations, Red Sheet’s Team packages are the ideal solution. We provide Red Sheet packages that suit regular day-to-day negotiations conducted by teams, such as those operating in human resources, sales and marketing, and project management.

Our packages also include options for complex, high-value or high-stakes negotiations, such as those that take place in merger and acquisition situations, negotiations within or between governments, and in security or ransom scenarios. In addition to this, there’s a specialist package built for the needs of procurement teams.

Red Sheet’s Team packages bring together high-impact classroom training, Red Sheet Online subscriptions and an array of resources. It’s everything you need to embed expertise, pave a smooth transition to a common process, and to achieve a harmonious approach to negotiation across your functional or stakeholder teams. The result assures immediate and long-term results for your organization.

Individual Solutions

Red Sheet presents a range of packages designed for single users. Negotiation is an essential skill in a wide variety of professional capacities. Whether you’re a functional or project manager who negotiates on a daily basis, or a specialist involved in more complex, high-value negotiations, our individual solutions are for you.

These packages place all the planning tools and resources you need at your fingertips.

They include ongoing access to the exceptional Red Sheet Online, a comprehensive digital resource that encompasses negotiation learning materials, planning processes, tactics and techniques, and more.

A Red Sheet Individual package will inspire you to build your skills, knowledge and confidence, and to apply negotiation theory effectively for the best possible outcomes, whatever your business area.

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