Red Sheet Lite


A fast and effective approach for everyday professional negotiations

The Red Sheet Lite tool combines the essential Red Sheet components with tactics and techniques to create a fast and effective 6-step approach to planning simple, everyday negotiations.

Red Sheet Lite is available as a handy A3 Deskpad or electronically with a subscription to Red Sheet Online.

What’s included

Core components of the Red Sheet Lite planning tool comprise:

  • Tactics and techniques – 100 valuable ways and means of gaining advantage to achieve your desired negotiation outcome.
  • Concession strategy checkerboard – an ingenious approach to maintaining control of every concession while keeping an eye on the big picture and building a winning position.
  • Balance of power – determining who’s got it and how to shift or project it.
  • Negotiation planning – developing a structured plan that will enable you to stay in control and steer a new course should unexpected conditions arise during the negotiation.

To accelerate outcomes, our inspirational Red Sheet Lite training courses also include modules on body and spoken language to help read your opponent without giving the game away.

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