Red Sheet


For high value, complex or team-based negotiations

Used successfully for many years to deliver a winning performance time after time, the A1 sized Red Sheet poster is still favored as the way teams like to collaborate and ensure alignment when preparing for more complex negotiations.

Also available electronically as part of Red Sheet Online, it incorporates all 15 steps of the Red Sheet planning process, allowing spoken and body language, as well as cultural nuances, to be taken into consideration alongside personality, process and repertoire.

What’s included

Core components of the Red Sheet approach comprise:

  • Game theory – used to match the negotiation approach to the outcomes required, including any ongoing business relationships
  • Negotiation personality – psychometric profiling to determine ‘negotionality’ of team members, then matching individual personality traits to the negotiation behavior required for the specific event
  • Cultural adaptation – to secure the best outcome in any negotiation anywhere in the world
  • Tactics and techniques – 100 valuable ways and means of gaining advantage whilst reading your opponent’s body or spoken language
  • Concession strategy checkerboard – an ingenious approach to maintaining control of every concession while keeping an eye on the big picture and building a winning position
  • Balance of power – determining who’s got it and how to shift or project it
  • Negotiation planning – developing a structured plan that will enable you to stay in control and steer a new course should conditions change unexpectedly

Customizable high impact, activity-based training courses and eLearning are also available to encourage stakeholder engagement whilst ensuring effective application of the Red Sheet methodology.

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