At the heart of Red Sheet® is a suite of tools and resources designed to embed negotiation excellence in you and your organization. Our unrivalled toolkit will equip you with the know-how, skills and processes needed to plan any negotiation and improve your overall competency through to developing world-class negotiation capability.

Devised by seasoned real-world negotiation experts, the Red Sheet toolkit represents an in-depth and wide-ranging selection of resources to help individuals, businesses and organizations get the best from a deal – in any scenario, at any level.

These tools include a wealth of planning materials, guides, interactive digital learning resources and assessment tools to enable comprehensive personal or team development. Powerful and adaptable, the tools that underpin Red Sheet suit any size and type of organization where negotiation happens.

Accessing and utilizing Red Sheet’s tools is the key to building understanding, developing confidence, and planning and executing negotiations expertly – no matter how simple or complex the event. The result is securing the best outcomes from your negotiation, whether that’s a successful corporate deal or maximizing value from your sales or supply channels.


The Red Sheet Tools

Red Sheet is driven and supported by a diverse and world-leading collection of resources which are accessible in a choice of ways. Filled with expert knowledge and interactive learning opportunities, these tools will boost your skills development and guide you in conducting effective planning to achieve success in any negotiation.

Central to our negotiation approach is the core Red Sheet methodology upon which the original wall poster is based. This tool, whether accessed through our digital web application (app) or in the still popular physical format, forms the focal point for preparing for and delivering a specific negotiation. It incorporates a step-by-step process with checks to guide you through the stages of negotiation, and it enables a team to collaborate around a single plan.

Our selection of Red Sheet versions provides a range of process options tailored to different types of negotiation. The Red Sheet is a 15-step planning approach designed for high-value, complex or team-based negotiations. Our 7-step Red Sheet Lite version is based on the original process, but adapted to suit less complex, day-to-day negotiations, and the 5-step Red Sheet Nano is perfect to support simple or individual negotiations.

The Red Sheet planning tool is also available digitally as an app through Red Sheet Online. This comprehensive tool grants access to a vast catalogue of negotiation resources, planning processes, invaluable tactics and techniques, body language modules and guidance on negotiation across cultural divides. Red Sheet Online, available through subscription, facilitates learning and development as well as practical implementation of the Red Sheet approach using a wealth of written, interactive, visual and video modules – making it a complete digital negotiation resource.

Determine your negotionality® – your specific current and required negotiation personality – using our online psychometric assessment. This tool will help you understand your personality based upon the traits relevant to negotiation and the specific behaviour shifts required to maximize outcomes for different types of negotiation and when dealing with different cultures.

The Red Sheet competency assessment measures your current skills and capability against 15 core negotiation competency points. This allows you to identify areas of strength and areas where further learning and development would be particularly beneficial.

Our award-winning book, “Negotiation for Procurement Professionals” by CEO Jonathan O’Brien is available as an optional extra to support your Red Sheet learning experience. It provides a firm background for applying the Red Sheet method and makes an excellent tool for reinforcing your journey to negotiating excellence.

We also offer a range of discrete micro digital learning modules to equip you with some simple planning tools when preparing for different aspects of a negotiation. Available through our Store, these short interactive multimedia modules are ideal for building core competencies, topping up your skillset or clarifying your strategy for a specific negotiation event.

Negotiation tools for everyone

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Red Sheet is a powerful and adaptable approach designed to bring outstanding outcomes from any type of negotiation. We’ve created tools to transform your negotiating power, whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional.

A wide spectrum of industries has benefited from adopting Red Sheet. Whether it’s healthcare, food production, energy supply or a government-provided service, wherever there’s negotiation, Red Sheet can help.

We’ve incorporated the combinations of our tools that are most relevant to your field of expertise into world-class instructor-led online and classroom training courses, digital learning modules and complete packages.

Red Sheet suits every scale of organization too. From global corporations to small- and medium-sized enterprises, our negotiation program is invaluable. And for purchasing professionals at any level:

  • Red Sheet Nano is available as part of The Buyer’s Toolkit, an easy-to-use approach for effective buying
  • Red Sheet Online can be integrated as a module within the Procleus® strategic procurement academy and toolkit

Both of these specialist solutions are offered through Positive, our parent brand.

So whatever your negotiation needs and ambitions – and no matter the industry sector – there’s a Red Sheet for you

Tools and Resources

A flexible suite of tools and resources for negotiation planning and capability development


These packages include the training and resources to enable and equip your team to negotiate effectively and deliver outstanding results. They are suitable for sales teams, procurement teams, and anyone who negotiates in their role. The packages include high-impact negotiation training, licenses to Red Sheet® Online (our digital negotiation platform) and a range of resources to enhance capability and boost results.

Combining training courses with supporting resources

This package is based around the original Red Sheet methodology and covers the process for team or high-value/complex negotiations, along with the soft skills and tactics required for success.

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This package is based around the Red Sheet Lite – a fast and effective professional process for everyday negotiations, along with the soft skills and tactics required for success.

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The negotiation awareness package is based around the Red Sheet® Nano – the perfect tool for planning simple or individual negotiations, along with an introduction to some of the soft skills and tactics required for success.

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