How Red Sheet Works

The Red Sheet is a step-by-step planning tool, available as a physical Red Sheet or a web-based digital application. Drawing on the core Red Sheet methodology to offer a tool for every negotiation scenario and negotiator of any ability, the Red Sheet family is available at three levels:

  • Red Sheet – for high-value, complex or team-based negotiations
  • Red Sheet Lite – for day-to-day, professional negotiations
  • Red Sheet Nano – for simple or individual negotiations

Each unique tool provides a powerful process to plan and co-ordinate a specific negotiation event, and can also be accessed in digital form through our pioneering Red Sheet Online platform.

Red Sheet is built on an innovative methodology which combines extensive tactical, psychological and practical elements.
This approach employs a range of theoretical components, including:

Red Sheet uses established game theory principles to help negotiators understand the game in play, and how to switch it to a new game that will deliver the desired outcomes.

Negotionality® is your required personality for the negotiation. This original concept combines the concepts of personality, culture and type of negotiation, allowing you to construct an identity and tailor behaviours specifically to your negotiation.

Possibly the most critical element within negotiation – learn how to read the verbal and body language signals from your opponent, and manage your own so you don’t give anything away.

Determine any cultural differences between us and our opponent and identify any specific adaptations that may need to be made to our negotiation approach in order to secure the best negotiation outcome anywhere in the world.

Benefit from 100 practical ways to gain an advantage in your negotiation by sharpening your own performance and building your repertoire of important tactics and winning techniques.

An ingenious approach to managing concessions during your negotiation and staying in full control of all your negotiables®. Adjust your position strategically, keeping an eye on the big picture and building a winning position.

Create a detailed plan to stay in control, whatever turn the negotiation takes – including reacting with the right moves should conditions change unexpectedly.

Understand where the power lies and learn how to project power and shift the balance in your favour.

Choose the Red Sheet solution that’s right for you

The Red Sheet negotiation approach is accessible to your business through an unrivalled suite of delivery options and learning resources.

The journey to negotiation excellence typically begins with our online, in-house and blended training courses. These interactive, high impact and highly engaging sessions build knowledge and confidence in your team, while tailoring the Red Sheet methodology to your particular business setting.

This training introduces our comprehensive set of Red Sheet tools that power your negotiations, supported by essential templates, guides, tactics and techniques, and workbooks.

Our Red Sheet Online platform provides access to the complete family of digital Red Sheet planning tools, together with a comprehensive suite of negotiation resources and extensive digital learning library. This world-class platform allows subscribers to access specific tools at any time, to work collaboratively to the same process, and manage their personal development.

We offer Packages combining Red Sheet training with Red Sheet Online, as well as coaching for specific events. These complete negotiation bundles are matched to the needs of specific user levels, from individual negotiations through to complex deals in large corporate organizations.

You can also purchase our award-winning book, Negotiation for Procurement Professionals, written by Red Sheet CEO Jonathan O’Brien, to supplement or reinforce your learning.

Additionally, we offer a psychometric assessment to determine your negotiation personality traits and provide your unique guide for how to modify your behaviours so you can adopt the right negotionality® for each negotiation.

Our negotiation competency assessment program enables your team to evaluate and enhance its approach to performing in a negotiation situation. We offer assessment solutions for individuals or a group, either via one of our online self-assessment tools, or through a fully managed interview-based program. Our unique process combines assessment, supported by real life examples and personal achievements, with a one-to-one interview via web conference with an experienced negotiation practitioner.

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