News, Events & Insights: Negotiation

Ruby has been featured as a top negotiation software solution for SMEs on's Tech Map. Read More
Check out our event sum-up for Procurement Strategies and Innovation 2024. Read More
Highly experienced sales professional, Marcus Evans explains why he hates procurement from a salesperson's perspective. Read More
Positive Group are exhibiting at ProcureCon EU in Barcelona taking place 26 to 28 September 2023. Read More
Expert negotiator Jonathan O’Brien shares how to interpret body language in your next negotiation. Read More
Jonathan O’Brien shares negotiation tactics guaranteed to make you a more accomplished negotiator. Read More
Learn how to master negotiations through a mix of skills and knowledge, with an understanding of what happens at a subconscious level. Read More
Rapport building is a powerful tool in any negotiation, sales pitch or situation in life where we want to secure a positive outcome. It involves being intensely interested in the other party and becoming ... Read More
Negotiating remotely on laptop
Jonathan O’Brien, CEO of Positive Purchasing Ltd, internationally recognised expert on negotiation and published author, explains what we need ... Read More
Explore how our subconscious can be our greatest ally in a negotiation and the importance of learning how to tap into it for negotiation success Read More
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