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The success of Red Sheet is attributable to the able and passionate people behind the brand. Our trainers bring a wealth of expertise that combines a command of negotiation, business and psychology. They bring the Red Sheet concept to life in a highly immersive, engaging and inspirational delivery.

The array of tools and digital resources which support and reinforce negotiation learning for our clients is similarly guided by the talents of top industry professionals.

From the content of every digital module to the entire Red Sheet Online resource, every tool is shaped and polished with the care and expert insight of negotiation practitioners at the top of their game.

Red Sheet’s availability worldwide is facilitated by a select network of approved global partners. Our exacting quality control standards ensure that Red Sheet upholds its reputation for driving negotiation excellence wherever it is delivered.

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If you’d like to discuss how our training, online courses and package options could work for your organization, please click the link below or call us on +44 (0) 800 298 2989.

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