Negotiation is a learnt skill that combines personality, process and repertoire. Excellence comes from practical experience. Our coaching programs help build this capability fast. When focused around the specific needs of your organization or individuals, coaching by one of our seasoned negotiation experts can make a dramatic difference to negotiated outcomes, whilst building organization-wide knowledge and capability.

Ideally delivered following a Red Sheet training program, we offer a range of coaching options to help you develop your negotiation strategy and plan to get the results you need.

Coaching for individuals

Focused one-on-one coaching workshops to help practitioners become excellent negotiators and build capability, or to support preparation for a specific negotiation. We tailor coaching to the needs of the each individual and sessions are typically delivered as a series of 2-hour web meetings or in-person.

Coaching for teams

Working in small teams, our coaching workshops are run by an experienced negotiation expert. Workshops are built around your specific needs and might typically focus on building advanced capability for Red Sheet application and helping teams plan and work towards realizing negotiation goals and outcomes. They are delivered as a series of live, online sessions or face-to-face workshops.

Negotiation preparation coaching

Coaching to prepare individuals or teams for a specific negotiation. Includes planning workshops to work through the Red Sheet methodology and build a negotiation strategy and plan. Pre-event role play can help ensure your team are fully prepared and, if required, we can be part of the actual negotiation. Delivered as a series of live, online, sessions or face-to-face workshops.

Senior team negotiation coaching and consultancy

Senior team coaching in how to deploy the Red Sheet methodology across the organization and realize its full potential. Working to establish Red Sheet as the common language, common process and common way of working, we help embed the methodology and drive in application, whilst ensuring good process rigor and knowledge sharing. Senior team coaching includes setting up the measures of negotiation effectiveness, and ensuring a level of rigour in application of Red Sheet that delivers truly impactful outcomes.

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