Advanced Red Sheet

This is our most popular negotiation course and helps prepare and equip delegates with the theory, tactics and practical experience of negotiation for outstanding results. It provides winning approaches for negotiation planning and helps those who attend, build the confidence and capability to take on any negotiation. Delegates explore in-depth, all aspects of negotiation and negotiation planning.

This course will help ensure you don’t leave money on the table. It will enable delegates to secure winning outcomes from each negotiation they do, to stay in control of the negotiation process and to have confidence in their approach no matter what the scenario. When taken as an online, instructor-led course, this training is CPD accredited.

Included is a module on personality, with the option of a full psychometric assessment to evaluate individual negotiation style as well as a module on negotiation across cultural boundaries. Negotiation tactics and techniques are covered in depth as well as body language and verbal language.

Delivered either as a series of live instructor-led online workshops or face-to-face in the classroom, during these highly interactive sessions delegates get to witness first-hand some of the winning approaches and even try putting some into practice. The program culminates in a full, team-based role play negotiation, either face-to-face for classroom training or via web conference for online programs, which is recorded on video and supplied to delegates after the workshop.

CPD Certified

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe different types of negotiation
  • Structure, plan and execute complex negotiations
  • Adapt negotiation for culture
  • Match individual personality to the negotiation and adapt behaviour
  • Determine and change the balance of power and the game being played in a negotiation
  • Determine requirements and outcomes and develop a concession strategy
  • Begin to apply techniques around body language and verbal language to a negotiation
  • Apply a selection of tactics and techniques to help secure outcomes
  • Conduct a post-negotiation review

Who should attend

  • Procurement professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Internal negotiators
  • Security professionals (kidnap and ransom)
  • Anyone who wants to develop negotiation capability

Course Content

Introduction to negotiation

  • Introduction to negotiation and the different types of negotiation
  • Matching your negotiation approach to the situation, your objectives and type of relationship required
  • Planning the negotiation event using Red Sheet
  • Engaging stakeholders to support a negotiation
  • Tactics to open and explore

Culture and personality – how to adapt the negotiation approach

  • Negotiating across cultures
  • Negotiator personality and adapting behaviour for the negotiation
  • Assessing the other party

Power in negotiation

  • Negotiating remotely
  • Power balance and how to influence it
  • Using game theory to structure the negotiation approach

Planning for a winning outcome

  • Building a concession strategy
  • Planning the negotiation event
  • Managing the negotiation event
  • Tactics to bargain and deal
  • Dirty tactics and countermeasures

Body and verbal language

  • Body language – How to read your opponent, how not to give the game away
  • Use of verbal language – Challenging non-specific language and using it to your advantage

Negotiation role play

  • 2 x team negotiations (video recorded and supplied to delegates post workshop)
  • Team negotiation feedback
  • Post-negotiation reviews and lessons learned

What You Will Get

This training is delivered by highly experienced negotiation experts and can be delivered either live online as a series of workshops, as a 3-day classroom event, or a combination of the two, exclusively for your company at almost any location worldwide. Different language options are available, and a summary of course evaluations and feedback will be provided after the training.

Delegates will receive:

  • A full colour Red Sheet workbook
  • A starter supply of Red Sheet posters
  • A country-by-country culture guide
  • A negotiator’s guide to all popular tactics, techniques and body language
  • An mp4 video of their negotiation role play
  • A certificate for all delegates who complete the course
  • A 3-month online subscription to Red Sheet learning materials (online courses only)


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