Advanced+ Red Sheet

A ‘next stage’ advanced+ course for those already trained in Red Sheet. This specialist course takes learning and developing in negotiation to the next level and equips negotiators with some exceptional practical skills to secure
outstanding results.

The course is built around Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles and practice and, using individual and small group practical activities, equips delegates with some very powerful skills designed to secure the outcomes you need without your opponent understanding how you did it.

This course will ensure you realize your full potential for negotiation. It will give you great confidence in your approach and put you in complete control of the event, equipping you with some very practical approaches to ensure you don’t leave money on the table in future negotiations.

Experienced experts in NLP and negotiation deliver this course and it covers the key aspects of NLP that are relevant for negotiation, building further upon the Red Sheet methodology. Practical one-on-one and small team negotiations build capability, all recorded on video and supplied to delegates after the workshop in MP4 format via email link. The course is designed to provide high-impact learning and development and for this reason we limit numbers to only small groups of 12 maximum.


Learning objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Build rapport with an opponent
  • Identify how an opponent ‘represents their reality’ and how they communicate (and like to be communicated to)
  • Identify what an opponent really wants (not what they say they want) and their personal motivators
  • Identify the negotiation strategy others are using and apply ‘pattern interrupt’ to reset the negotiation process
  • Use effective goal setting to secure desired negotiation outcomes
  • Apply anchoring techniques to get oneself into the optimum state for negotiation and influence others’ states during the negotiation
  • Use non-specific language to understand other people’s positions accurately and influence outcomes
  • Apply a range of specific tactics and techniques to maximize outcomes
  • Plan, structure and lead individual and group negotiations
  • Align a supporting team to ensure they work in concert during the negotiation
  • Use advanced body language techniques to read the opponent and influence them

Who should attend

  • Professional negotiators
  • Procurement professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Anyone with experience of negotiation
  • Anyone who has completed an Intensive or Advanced Red Sheet negotiation course

Course Content

Reflection of negotiation so far

  • Recap on Red Sheet process and negotiation approach
  • Reflection on negotiation experience so far

One-on-one negotiations

  • One-on-one negotiations with facilitators/actors
  • Personal feedback

Mastering how we ‘connect’ with our opponent

  • Building rapport - the importance of rapport and how to create and maintain it during a negotiation
  • Representation systems - how people represent their reality
  • Communication systems - how people communicate and want to be communicated to

The art of letting them have it your way

  • Chunking – Negotiating around what people really want, not what they think they want and understanding others’ motivations
  • Personal strategies – Identifying the personal strategy of the opponent. Use of ‘pattern interrupt’ to reset the negotiation process
  • Goal setting – Using well formed outcomes to set goals for negotiation outcomes
  • Anchoring – Getting into the optimum state for the negotiation and using anchoring to influence the state of others

Advanced language and body language

  • Language patterns – Clarifying non-specific language to understand other people’s positions accurately and using non-specific language and metaphors to influence outcomes
  • Advanced body language

Advanced structuring winning negotiations

  • Making team-based negotiations really work
  • Planning and structuring advanced negotiations
  • Small group role play (video recorded with feedback from leaders)

What You Will Get

This training is delivered by highly experienced negotiation experts and can be delivered either live online as a series of workshops or as a 3-day classroom event, exclusively for your company at almost any location worldwide. Different language options are available, and a summary of course evaluations and feedback will be provided after the training.

Delegates will receive:

  • A full-colour Advanced+ Red Sheet workbook
  • An MP4 video of their negotiation role play
  • A certificate for all delegates who complete the course


To book this course for your business or to discuss how we can customize the course for your specific needs, please click the link below or call us on +44 33 00 94 0000.

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