Introducing Red Sheet Nano – the latest addition to the Red Sheet family

We have added a new member to our Red Sheet® family – the Red Sheet Nano!

The Red Sheet Nano provides the first, easily accessible step towards using the proven Red Sheet negotiation methodology. This simplified 4-stage process is perfect for planning one-off or simple negotiations in a personal or professional capacity, and is available as a handy A4 notepad or electronically with a subscription to Red Sheet Online. This powerful and effective toolkit increases confidence in outcomes by combining easy-to-apply fundamentals of great negotiation, with the core Red Sheet tools and principles.

Core components of the Red Sheet Nano planning tool comprise:

Stage 1 – determine what scope there is to negotiate.
Stage 2 – assess your negotiation power and exactly how you will negotiate.
Stage 3 – identify who you’re negotiating with, what you want to know and why, and then set your objectives.
Stage 4 – develop your negotiation plan by determining a list of negotiables, identify the most and least desirable outcomes, and then form a discussion sequence to follow.

To accelerate outcomes, our 1-Day Red Sheet Nano training course also includes some simple role play exercises that will enable you to practise applying key tactics, better read your opponent and determine your best negotiation strategy in a safe environment.