Red Sheet Online

Our pioneering digital negotiation platform, Red Sheet Online, is a comprehensive suite of resources for anyone engaged in professional negotiation. It brings together everything needed for individuals, teams or organizations to enhance their negotiation capability and to secure winning outcomes from every deal.

Red Sheet Online includes a digital app version of each of the Red Sheet, Red Sheet Lite and Red Sheet Nano tools – the step-by-step processes that serve as the focal point for planning and executing a negotiation event of any type or complexity. But it provides so much more besides. Through Red Sheet Online, you’ll find our latest high-quality video tuition and e-learning modules – for interactive digital learning whenever you need it. There’s also a wealth of tools, including templates, quick reference guides, country-by-country cultural guides and a library of 100 negotiation tactics and techniques.

This extensive set of resources incorporates the very best of our cutting-edge industry experience. It will enable you to build the skills, confidence and strategy essential for achieving excellence in the field of negotiation.

How it works

There are a number of ways to access Red Sheet Online. Typically, your organization would be introduced to the Red Sheet methodology through one of our dynamic training courses. This may be followed by securing a license to access Red Sheet Online – a step that helps ensure the long-term benefits of your training are embedded, reinforced and built upon.

You can also get Red Sheet Online through our packages, combinations of tools and training designed to deliver the ideal complement of inputs for your organization. These offer options to serve varying needs, depending on the size of your organization and the value of your negotiation.

Red Sheet Online can be accessed by any of the licensed users in your team or company – on any device, at any moment, anywhere is the world. However you tap into it, this powerful platform will help you transform the results of your negotiations.

Join the hundreds of global companies that choose Red Sheet Online to drive their negotiations – and see a dramatic uplift in your outcomes.


What you get with Red Sheet Online

  • A complete digital resource to support you in planning and executing negotiations of any type, in any organization.
  • Library of high-impact negotiation digital learning resources and video tuition modules
  • Negotiation reference guides, body and spoken language resources and 100 expert tactics and techniques
  • Essential guides on country-by-country cultural considerations and on understanding and utilizing verbal communication and body language.
  • Access to the world’s most complete digital platform for negotiators, and to ongoing updates and developments in this ever-evolving resource.
  • The opportunity to work on specific areas of negotiation learning by tapping into relevant resources as the demands of real-world situations arise.
  • An effective means to collaborate and implement a unified approach to negotiation across your organization – using common tools and a consistent methodology.


Combining training courses with supporting resources

The Red Sheet methodology has been proven over more than a decade across multiple business sectors and in public and private sector organizations of all sizes worldwide. Red Sheet Online is ideal for inclusion in any organizational Learning & Development Program where modules can be assigned to named users as part of a CPD (Continuing Professional Development)…

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Depending on the general complexity of the negotiation events undertaken by your functional or stakeholder teams, our activity-based classroom training will help develop the core skills or advanced capability required to deliver immediate business results. This collaborative approach enables teams to build confidence in their negotiation outcomes in a safe environment whilst accelerating a smooth…

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Good negotiators are made, not born. Although some have a natural instinct for negotiation, most of us can find it difficult and even scary. Negotiation is a skill that demands the knowledge and application of effective negotiation theory and the use of the right tactics and techniques to deliver the best possible outcomes. Whether you’re…

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Subscribing to Red Sheet® Online

To sign up to Red Sheet® Online for your business or to find out more about what it involves, please click the link below or call us on +44 33 00 94 0000.

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