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Red Sheet® Online is the ultimate digital negotiation platform for professionals who are serious about achieving excellence in negotiation. It includes a negotiation planning web application, digital learning library and comprehensive suite of resources.

Red Sheet Online brings together everything needed for individuals, teams or organizations to enhance their negotiation capability and to secure winning outcomes from every deal.

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Fully responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, Red Sheet Online includes a digital version of each of the Red Sheet, Red Sheet Lite and Red Sheet Nano tools – the proven family of step-by-step processes for planning and executing negotiations of any type or complexity.

The collaboration engine enables teams dispersed around the globe to work together to create a winning negotiation plan. You’ll also find our latest HD video tuition modules and interactive digital learning that you can access wherever and whenever you need it.

How it works

There are a number of ways to access Red Sheet Online. Typically, your organization would be introduced to the Red Sheet methodology through one of our dynamic training courses. This may be followed by securing a license to access Red Sheet Online – a step that helps ensure the long-term benefits of your training are embedded, reinforced and built upon.

You can also get Red Sheet Online through our packages, combinations of tools and training designed to deliver the ideal complement of inputs for your organization. These offer options to serve varying needs, depending on the size of your organization and the value of your negotiation.

Red Sheet Online can be accessed by any of the licensed users in your team or company – on any device, at any moment, anywhere in the world. However you tap into it, this powerful platform will help you transform the results of your negotiations.

Join the hundreds of global companies that choose Red Sheet Online to drive their negotiations – and see a dramatic uplift in your outcomes.

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What is included

  • Collaborative Negotiation Planning – Plan a negotiation online, and collaborate with your global team using any one of the Red Sheet, Red Sheet Lite or Red Sheet Nano intelligent negotiation planning tools. Download and share your Red Sheet plan ready for your negotiation.
  • Digital Learning Library – Managed learning journey or on-demand from the vast library of digital tuition modules and on-demand HD video.
  • Tactics and Techniques Library – Plan the most effective negotiation using the library of 100 winning tactics and techniques. Featuring guidance on what to use when, how to apply, and countermeasures to deploy if used on you. Watch tactics in action with our HD video examples.
  • Culture Hub – Click on the interactive world map to find the culture characteristics for your opponent to shape your negotiation planning.
  • Body and Spoken Language Module – Extensive support for what to say and how to act, as well as how to read your opponent.