Procurement Strategies and Innovation 2024

On 5 March we headed off to London to exhibit at Procurement Strategies & Innovation.

An event that has long been recognized as the premier technology showcase for procurement professionals, the agenda this year did not disappoint!

With a renewed focus on strategy, leadership, innovation and real-world solutions, the event highlighted the latest advancements in various fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), crypto-currencies and the metaverse, to name just a few.


One of the key highlights this year was the emphasis on embracing digitization in our procurement functions. As technology continues to reshape industries across the globe, procurement professionals are increasingly turning to digital tools to streamline processes (such as negotiation), enhance efficiency, and drive better outcomes.

We were proud to showcase Ruby, our Guided Negotiation Plan Creator ®, at the event. Powered by the leading Red Sheet® negotiation methodology, Ruby intelligently guides you towards creating winning negotiation strategies. Whether negotiating contracts, pricing agreements, or supplier relationships, Ruby provides invaluable insights and recommendations to optimize negotiation outcomes.


Unlock new levels of negotiation potential with Ruby!