Ruby Named a Top Negotiation Software Solution For SMEs

Ruby Has Been Featured As A Top Negotiation Software Solution For SMEs!

In the bustling landscape of procurement technology, our Guided Negotiation Plan Creator®, Ruby, has recently made waves by earning a spot on The Tech Map For SMEs as a negotiation software solution, on!

This tech map is a curated collection of procurement technology solutions tailored specifically for SMEs, highlighting easy-to-implement tools that don’t require extensive external resources for implementation. Many of these solutions offer flexible pricing structures, making them accessible and affordable for smaller businesses with limited users.


What Sets Ruby Apart?

Ruby is an intelligent tool that enables and guides you towards creating your own winning negotiation strategies. Powered by our proven Red Sheet ® negotiation planning approach, Ruby provides everything you need to drive negotiation success.

With a management dashboard and collaboration features built in, Ruby enables teams dispersed around the globe to work together to create effective negotiation plans, guaranteeing you leave nothing on the table.

Whether it’s securing better deals, optimizing contracts, or building stronger supplier relationships, Ruby is the ultimate companion for SMEs looking to thrive in today’s competitive market.